Ridge Capping

The tiles which cover the joins where two faces of a roof meet are called ridge capping. Ridge capping tiles act as a seal protecting your roof from the elements in addition to securing the roof tiles from penetrating winds.


In order to hold the Ridge Capping in place the process of Bedding is commenced which utilises mortar cement. Once the Bedding has been applied a flexible mortar (Pointing) is applied which prevents the cement from cracking due to movements in the roof and the extreme elements whilst also providing a sleek and attractive finish.

If the Ridge Capping on your roof is cracked and in disrepair this will result in the essential water seal it provided being destroyed. Water will seep through these cracks causing damage to a number of internal fixtures which if left unattended will result in thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.


We recommend that every 12 months you have the roof inspected for any required maintenance, prevention is the less costly and beneficial option. Furthermore industry recommends Ridge Capping be replaced every 10 to 12 years.

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